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Review: Christ the Controversialist

When John Stott died last year I vowed I would read some more of his books that I already own.  This is the first one I've finished, which indicates something about my reading ability!  Interestingly, it appears it's quite hard to get hold of today.  My version - published 1970 - is the same as the picture here, which is the same as the picture on Amazon!  So perhaps this one wasn't one of his most popular books.

However, let me say up front that I found this an exceptionally helpful book.  It is classic Stott: carefully grounded in the Bible, precisely written with an eye to culture and application.

The title tells us his focus in terms of Biblical material.  Stott takes us through the controversies or debates that we find Christ engaged in through the gospels.  However, Stott writes:
The aim of this book can be simply stated.  It is to argue that 'evangelical' Christianity is authentic Christianity, true, original and pure, and to demonstrate it from the teachin…

Uprooted: Review

Given that we're probably moving (again!) some time this coming year, I was intrigued when I saw this book by Rebecca VanDoodewaard: Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians.  So I bought it and decided to give it a go.

Let me say up front that I thought it was excellent.  It helps Christians who are moving to prepare for homesickness considering what it is, what the temptations are, what makes it better and worse and with specific chapters considering things like children, singleness and being in the pastorate.  It is laced with biblical wisdom, supplemented by the author's experience and the experience of other Christians, e.g. Susannah Spurgeon and Ann Judson.

Particularly helpful is a chapter on the good things about moving and a chapter on how our homesickness points us to our real home.

As a book, it may feel like it is targeted at a fairly small niche, although in a more mobile society that may be an ever-growing niche, but a final chapter on helping those who are hom…