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Questions we Would Ask God: Help!

Another of my articles for the church magazine, which attempts to answer questions people have for God.


We are up to our ninth question from the congregation survey I did (back in 2011!) to find the top ten questions we would like to ask God. In answering them, I'm not trying to be God (obviously!), but to look at what we can know of the answers from what God has told us in the Bible.
This time, the question is simply: Help? A number of the questions you wrote down were requests for God to help, whether with situations in our lives, or perhaps for help to live a better life. The instinct of the question is absolutely right. In Philippians 4:6 Paul writes: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (NIV). This reminds us that God is the person to bring everything before in prayer, including asking him for help (although we mustn't forget to say thank you to him as well!). The Psalms, the…

The Church and Gay Marriage

The debate and vote on the Gay Marriage Bill are obviously hot topics, both in the media and in the church at the moment.  Evangelical Christians will rightly largely be very disappointed to be seeing this going through parliament.  Adrian Reynolds has written a good article in responding as preachers and in general as Christians.
I had a couple of thoughts seeing the vote and the debate that led up to it.  I think the crucial one is simply that we can't surprised that a country of people who don't share our evangelical Christianity (and consequent commitment to Biblical authority) don't follow a Christian and Biblical ethic.  In many ways it's interesting to see within the Conservative party in particular some residual Christian-ethic, but, as evangelical Christians, we know that in many ways we have been losing these battles in society for some time now.  The reason, at it's simplest, is that most people are not evangelical Christians.  Martin Salter has helpful…