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Preaching with Clarity

There seems to me to be a backlash in the world of preaching.  A rebellion against those sermons which had three points all beginning with P.  I don't know really if there was a time when there was lots of preaching like that - I don't remember it if there was.  Similarly there are those who don't like points at all, or outlines, or use of powerpoint and so on.  There are also those who want us to preach narratively and so on.
I wonder if it's just me, but increasingly I listen to preachers and I can't make head-nor-tail of what the point is.  It's not that there's not good stuff in the talks - there is.  It's not that they haven't thought about the Bible passage or that they haven't thought about how to communicate.  It's not even that they haven't thought about the application.  It's that I can't, ultimately, make out what they're trying to say.  I can't follow the train of thought.  It becomes words, words, words.
At …