A Future Church of England

There's undoubtedly quite a lot of debate about the future of the Church of England, particularly on the issues of gender and sexuality. These are undoubtedly significant issues. They are issues that may well destroy the denomination.

There's also quite a lot of debate about some more practical issues.  There are problems with finances, buildings and numbers of clergy, which could also lead to the collapse of the denomination depending on how they are addressed.

And of course there are the political issues.  How does an established church fit in with a largely secular society?  What about church schools?  What about bishops and the House of Lords?

However, with or without the Church of England, i.e. by reformation or by collapses, the Lord will build his church (Matthew 16:18).  With that in mind, I wanted to write a series of blogs reflecting on the Church of England now and what I think it should be aiming for in the future and even how it might get there.  Clearly that will be a somewhat personal take, but I hope to ground the blogs both biblically and practically.  No doubt you might have a viewpoint and you are of course welcome to chip in.

In a sense, John Richardson has started this with his book A Strategy that Changes the Denomination and with helping found the Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference (JAEC).  I felt the book was a stimulating, but incomplete and at times frustrating read,  At some point in the series I will probably review it more thoroughly.  Certainly, it has been the stimulus for some of my thinking.

I'm making no promises about the order of the blogs in terms of priority.  I.e. just because a blog comes ealry on, won't mean I think it's one of the most important things.  It will just mean it's something I've been thinking about!

Anyway, I plan to kick off in the week, with something I do think is important - what we believe, or doctrine.


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