Resources on Ruth

Over the last few weeks we've been preaching through the book of Ruth in church.  It's been a great joy as we've seen God's sovereign kindness in his plan of redemption both for Ruth and Naomi and for us.

As I've been studying to preach, I've used a number of really helpful resources. More for the preacher, I found Barry Webb's chapter in Five Festal Garments to be really helpful at the literary and biblical theology end. Leon Morris in TOTC was useful at the background and verse-by-verse end.

At a more popular level, but extremely useful still for the preacher were Iain Duguid's sermons, which are free from the Preach the Word website. I found careful attention to the text, clear explanation and thought-provoking application. I also read John Piper's A Sweet and Bitter Providence, which is from a set of sermons on Ruth. It's excellent. Faithful to the text. Theological. Applied. Passionate. All the things you would expect from Piper. It is also free as a pdf from the Desiring God website.

Isn't it wonderful (and definitely the way forward) that there are good free resources to help us understand God's word?  Anyway, do have a look at these if you want to get deeper into Ruth.


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