Leadership and Preaching 1

It is imperative that a pastor be able not only to preach to a congregation but to lead and relate well to that congregation (Aubrey Malphurs, Advanced Strategic Planning, p.9).

I'm writing a dissertation at the moment on the relationship between leadership and preaching.  In part it is inspired by quotes like the one above. The book by Malphurs is pretty good, but somehow it seems that most current Christian leadership material doesn't link the roles of preaching and leading and that can't be right.

Christ governs his people by the written word preached by preachers (Christopher Ash, The Priority of Preaching, p.30).

I think the above quote is theologically closer to the mark.  In other words, leadership is dependent on preaching.  However, I wonder if the risk is that we think all we need to do is preach (which I don't think is what Ash is saying).

So the dissertation is about teasing out some of those questions a bit.  More will be forthcoming, as I think of it!!!


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