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June Magazine Article: Making Sure We're On Message

Below is my offering for the June church magazine.  Enjoy!
For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. (1 Corinthians 2:2 NIV)
We increasingly hear about people needing to be “on message.” It's another of those phrases from across the Atlantic that is creeping into our language. The Collins online dictionary defines it like this: “adhering to or reflecting the official line of a political party, government, or other organization.” I suppose that's been particularly relevant as we've had elections recently.
Now, in general, I'm not sure I want to be on message. I don't like conforming to what other people want me to think or say. However, in one context I definitely want to be on message. And that's the context of the gospel. In that case I'm not working for an organisation, or a political party, or even the church. I'm serving the God of the universe and his king, Jesus. And I definitely want t…

The Future Church of England: What about conservative evangelicals?

A while back I was sitting with a bishop - a nice guy - discussing the future of conservative evangelicals in the Church of England.  The conclusion was basically that as things are there isn't much future for people like me (always encouraging when, God willing, you have another 30-ish years of ministry ahead of you!).

The reality is that moves to help us flourish in the church don't seem very tangible, whereas legislation on women bishops and discussion on homosexual relationships seem more tangible and not very hopeful for my constituency.

Such a view isn't very hopeful, but it also isn't the whole picture.  From what I can see, there has been a gradual, but tangible resurgence in conservative evangelical ministry in the Church of England over the last few decades.  There are many very strong conservative evangelical churches and an increasing number of churches with ministers with conservative evangelical convictions.

Alongside this, there has been something of a r…