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Future Church of England: Evangelical Conversations and Same-Sex Marriage Part 1

Yesterday I attended an event sponsored by the Diocesan Evangelical Fellowships of Manchester and Chester and New Wine North called Evangelical Conversations.  It was an event to discuss the Pilling Report (which is the report related to the church response to those who experience same-sex attraction) and it's consequences from the perspective evangelicals (New Wine, AWESOME, CPAS were the main players from the front).

For me it was a mixture of encouraging, interesting and disappointing. Primarily it was encouraging because there was a commitment to an orthodox position on same-sex attraction, relationships and marriage.  In many ways this is the main thing and needs to be headlined as a great thing.

It was interesting for a number of reasons and disappointing for a number of reasons, which I want to explore a bit a time.

The first interesting thing - in fact it was very striking - was how similar it felt to meetings discussing women bishops amongst conservative evangelicals.  I…

Future Church of England: New Women Bishops

For me today is a sad day for the Church of England.  This is for three reasons.

I think the church has taken an unbiblical step in agreeing to have women as bishops.  My understanding of the contested passages (1 Timothy 2, 1 Corinthians 11, 14 and others) means that I haven't been convinced by the relatively modern arguments for women as church leaders or bishops.  If I'm right, then it's a bad thing for a denomination to take such a step.I think the church has taken the step for unbiblical reasons.  I know this isn't true of everyone, but it seems that most aren't particularly bothered by what the Bible says.  The decision has been made for equality, or to allow women to fulfil their calling, or because we are a laughing stock in the world if we don't allow women to be bishops.  A brief scan of the articles suggests this latter reason seems to have been particularly significant with respect to the change in the votes from the measure being defeated just a co…

How much should a minister work? Part II

A little while ago I wrote a blog about some of the problems related to managing your levels of work in ministry.  Like many jobs, ministry for a church is never-ending.  More unusually you don't have a manager as such, you don't have even notional "working hours" and even defining what is work and what isn't is rather difficult.

I finished up suggesting that one way to investigate the problems is to consider some of the solutions or models that are put forward.  Let me start with an increasingly popular one.  As ministry is increasingly "professionalized," it is not unusual to have some sort of contract with some sort of specification of work.

For example in the Church of England we now have something called Common Tenure, which means that there are some terms under which I work.  Interestingly, my work time is actually specified in terms of rest rather than work.  I am "entitled to an uninterrupted rest period of 24 hours in each period of seven…