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How much should a minister work? Part III

OK, so following some discussion of the previous blog (Part I and Part II), I need to discuss another common model.  I'd already been thinking of this one and then other people mentioned it to me as well.

The basic form of this model of work goes like this.  Split the day up into three sections: morning, afternoon and evening.  Only ever work two out of the three sections in one day.

This has a number of extensions.  For example, I think an older version of this went something like: you spend the morning in the study and the afternoon/evening in the parish (visiting).  You also need to define a little further for day off.  That could be, you need to take 3 consecutive day sections off (which gives more flexibility) or you have a day where you take all the sections off.

There are a number of attractive things about this approach.

It is quite flexible.  So to some extent it flexes with your diary.  You can look at the fixed events in your diary and take time off around them.By fixin…

Manchester Diocese and the LGBT Agenda

The most recent mailing from our Diocese to clergy contained this:

LGBT Communion St Chrysotom's, Victoria Park, hold a service for LGBT people on the first Saturday of each month at 5pm. This is an initiative of Manchester Diocese and St Chrysostom's. This is Holy Eucharist with a special invitation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people, their families and friends. The next service will be held on Saturday 6 December. There are those who wonder why I and others doubt the integrity and the point of the national facilitated conversations in the Church of England.  These kind of things are why.  If you wonder why we think the conclusion is pre-decided, the reason is that the conclusion is already in place.  In my view, it will be a betrayal of those Christians and churches who are trying to stand firm against this in almost impossible situations, if you go to the table with false teachers.  We don't need you to have facilitated conversations with them, we need you t…