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Future Church of England: Would you be ordained now?

With the advent of the women bishops in the Church of England and the possible move towards legitimising gay relationships/marriages, one of the comments made by conservative evangelicals (CEs) is that such moves will stop such CEs going for ordination.  In contrast, with the move towards women bishops, CEs were encouraged to think they could "flourish" in the Church of England.

One way to personalise the question is: Would you be ordained now?  Or would you chose another route to ministry?

In my experience, amongst CEs themselves there is little agreement and some polarisation.  I was at a ministers' meeting recently and heard the two sides again.  On the one hand, those who want to stay see the need - who will be a shepherd to the lost sheep?  They also believe in the inheritance - it's our church and they'll have to throw me out...On the other hand, people find themselves in increasingly impossible positions in terms of their theology, their consciences and t…

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