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Future Church of England: Would you be ordained now? - Part 2

Recently I wrote a blog about the question of whether the number of Conservative Evangelical (CE) ordinands for the CHurch of England would drop in the current climate and suggested that one way to think about it was to ask the personal question of whether we would want to be ordained today.  That blog, which was largely a personal reflection in a fairly tough time, received 219 views and quite a lot of facebook comments, both of which are unusual for this lowly blog!  Because it was largely a personal reflection, it didn't really set out the logic of what I was saying and from the comments, it seems it might be worth doing so.

1. A Credible Choice

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that most evangelical Christians grow up recognising that there is a credible choice for church ministry now.  What I mean is that what used to perhaps be seen as the only/best option - ordination in the Church of England - is a much more open choice now.

Many of us have attended excellent free churche…