Book Review: God Speaks - Hearing, Connecting, Relating

A book review for the church magazine.  This is an excellent book to get into the hands of many people in your churches.


Our first hot topic service at the start of February covered the question of whether the we can really trust the Bible. We have had articles in the magazine about Bible reading and opportunities in church to take home some Bible reading notes to get started. We often talk about the Bible as “God's Word” and, if it is what God says, then presumably we ought to take it seriously. But how does it all work? How does God speak to us? How do the Bible, Jesus and the Holy Spirit relate to each other?

If you've ever wondered about any of these questions then God Speaks by Rich Aldritt and Ash Carter (both Church of England ministers) is the book for you. They describe their intention as being to write “a little book, to give people, that explains how God speaks to us.” (p.15) And this book is just that.

They summarise the message as follows: “God speaks. By his Holy Spirit. Through his Word, the Bible. About his Son, Jesus.” (p.15) Each statement in the summary is covered in a section of the book with a final section on: So What?

It's relatively short, often funny and an easy read, yet it gets you to the heart of a vital subject in the Christian faith. One of the quotes on the back from Michael Jensen says: “Deceptively profound – amusing and challenging at the same time. A must-read for any growing Christian.” I think that gets it about right.

 You can buy it at and for a good price. Have a read!


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