Book Review: A Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam

First, a couple of warnings.  The less significant one is that I read the Christian Focus reprint of the 2001 version.  There's now a revised edition.  Second, if you follow events in the Christian world you may know that the author, Patrick Sookhdeo, was found guilty of sexual assault recently.  Should we use his books in that light?  Well, we are all sinners saved by grace on the one hand, but on the other we are called to holiness, especially if we are leaders. Personally, my view is to proceed with caution, and to be very cautious in recommending the book to others (including you if you are reading this!).

Those warnings in place, let me say that this book is a short and simple introduction to Islam from a Christian perspective.  It covers beliefs, practices and different groupings within Islam clearly and helpfully, as well as occasionally making comments on how Christians can productively interact with Muslims.  It is very clearly written and very informative as a first book for a Christian looking into Islam.  If you are already well-read on the subject then this might at best be a quick pocket reference as the title suggests.

Without the issue of the second warning above, I probably would have wholeheartedly recommended the book.


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