New Ministry Trainee Advert

Ministry Trainees
St Luke's, Deeplish
St Peter's, Newbold


We are offering an exciting opportunity to experience ministry in two churches in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. The aim is to provide a one (possibly extendable to two) year ministry training experience for those who are considering full-time Christian ministry in the context of service in local churches.

The roles consist of three parts:

  1. Bible teaching training on the North West Partnership training course
  2. Bible teaching and ministry experience in the local church context
  3. Practical service within the churches

Deeplish and Newbold are in the 10% most deprived areas nationally, according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation. Both parishes have a large and increasing Muslim population (Deeplish ~75% and Newbold ~45%). St Peter's and St Luke's are small Anglican Evangelical churches with rich opportunities for gospel ministry in a challenging context.

We would be interested in applications from committed evangelical Christians, enthusiastic to share the gospel and teach the Bible and excited about working in both deprived and Muslim contexts.

The roles are supported by grants from Gospel Partners Trust and St Helen's, Bishopsgate. However, applicants may need to supply extra finance depending on circumstances.

Please contact Stephen Watkinson: 07793 143393,


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