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Article III. Of the going down of Christ into Hell

Aplogies for the hiatus in my blog. I hope to write a little more in March!

Death has been called “the new obscenity,” because none of us want to talk about it or face it.

Mark Ashton, a Christian minister of a large church in Cambridge was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live, before he died he wrote this:

“Our age is so devoid of hope in the face of death that the topic has become unmentionable. But once you have had the news I have had, it rears its head whether you want it to or not.” (Ashton, On My Way to Heaven, p.7).

Well in this post we're talking about death – Jesus' death and our death. And perhaps our topic, as it relates to death, is even worse – that of hell. In this survey of the 39 Articles – the confession of faith of the Church of England – we have come to one of the shortest and in some ways enigmatic articles. It is this:

III. Of the going down of Christ into Hell.
As Christ died for us, and was buried, so also is it to be believed, that he w…