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Dealing with our Ministry Idolatry

I think the fundamental problem with the lack of resources for ministry in deprived areas of the UK is probably idolatry. I think that idolatry is found both in the ministry and in the pew if you'll forgive the distinction.
In my last blogpost, I had a go at addressing what makes me so uncomfortable as a conservative evangelical working in a deprived part of the north west of England. My basic concern is that, while it is widely recognised in areas such as education and healthcare, that you need to invest disproportionately in deprived areas if you want to make a difference, within the church we find the opposite dynamic where the vast majority of investment occurs in more middle-class areas.
I want to go a bit deeper this time and ask: why? What drives a dynamic where relatively wealthy churches and Christians largely give for the ever increasing ministry teams and ministry resources of their own churches and networks of wealthy churches? Now put like that, the answer might seem…